James Carrington

James Carrington

Wellcome Trust Post-doc

Jamie carried out his undergraduate degree on Molecular and Cellular Biology at the University of Edinburgh and graduated in 2013. He went on to carry out his PhD at the University of Dundee with Professor Julian Blow and submitted his thesis in 2017: “Post-Replicative Resolution of Under-Replication”. This work demonstrates that canonical DNA replication during S phase is not sufficient to complete genomic duplication in unperturbed human cells, and explores how human cells necessarily transmit the resultant unusual DNA structures through mitosis and beyond.

In the Nieduszynksi lab, Jamie is continuing research on the regulation of DNA replication and is currently working towards mapping and characterising the stochastic activity of replication origins and forks through S phase by detecting nucleotide analogue signal currents on extremely long nanopore traces (D-NAscent).

Outside of the lab, Jamie enjoys travelling, good food, films, rugby and trips to the pub.

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