Stephanie Barker

Stephanie Barker

Lab manager

Steph ensures the smooth running of our group.

Steph studied Cell and Molecular Biology at Oxford Brookes University. Following on from her work on H. influenzae during her degree, her early career focused on menigococcal interactions with host cells with Dr Mumtaz Virji at the University of Oxford.  From there she moved to industry working on the VIVOST® fibrin sealant project at Oxford Bioresearch and then moved to the Oxford University spin out company Prolysis, lead by Professor Jeff Errington, where she continued her work with H. influenzae and early stage antibacterial development.  Steph is now working in the Nieduszynski lab as a lab manager ensuring the smooth running of the group.

Steph is a member of the Athena Swan committee and outside the lab enjoys face painting and films.

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