We aim to share biological and electronic resources to help advance research.

Electronic resources

OriDB: a DNA replication origin database for budding and fission yeasts.

DNA Replication Origin (OriDB) databases:

Yeast genome coordinate conversion tool:

Interactive web-based R applications (Shiny):

  • plotGenome: a web-based tool to analyse sortSeq data.
  • fitSigmoid: parametric and non-parametric fitting of flow cytometry data.

Cas9/CRISPR: information about use of Cas9/CRISPR in S. cerevisiae, including a tool for gRNA primer design.

Our published genome-wide replication data can be readily visualised, manipulated and downloaded via the UCSC genome browser with the following links:

We aim to increase the number of datasets available via these links, please contact us if there is a particular dataset that you are interested in.

Our published genome-wide data can be downloaded from NCBI GEO.

Custom scripts associated with our publications are shared via GitHub.

We use Benchling for molecular biology design and analysis. The platform also allows us to share information about published DNA reagents – please contact us for more information.

DNA replication resources:

  • DNAReplication: A Resource for Eukaryotic DNA Replication.
  • Replication Domain: an online database for storing, sharing and visualizing DNA replication timing data.

Budding Yeast Resources:

The literature:

For other electronic resources please get in touch.

Biological resources

For biological resources, including plasmids and yeast strains, please get in touch.