Current research is generously funded by The Wellcome Trust, The BBSRC and The EPA Fund. Previous research has also been funded by the Leverhulme Trust and the Royal Society.

Wellcome Trust Investigator: How does a cell complete genome replication?

BBSRC Project Grant: Single molecule analysis of genome replication.

BBSRC Project Grant: Life Without DNA Replication Origins (based in Nottingham).

Our recent publications

DNA replication timing influences gene expression level.
Müller & Nieduszynski (2017)
J. Cell Biol., 216(7):1907-1914

Deep functional analysis of synII, a 770-kilobase synthetic yeast chromosome.
Shen et al. (2017)
Science, 355(6329):

Discovery of an Unconventional Centromere in Budding Yeast Redefines Evolution of Point Centromeres.
Kobayashi et al. (2015)
Curr. Biol., 25(15):2026-33

A global profile of replicative polymerase usage.
Daigaku et al. (2015)
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 22(3):192-8

The dynamics of genome replication using deep sequencing.
Müller et al. (2014)
Nucleic Acids Res., 42(1):e3

Further publications