Nieduszynski group - November 2015
Outside the Dunn School, Oxford
BYG2013 helpers
Nieduszynski group - Dec 2011
In the lab, Nottingham


Current group members:

Dr Dima Batrakou
Dr Michael Boemo
Dr Carolin Müller
Stephanie Barker
Ana Clark (DPhil student 2015-)
Emma Heron (DPhil student 2016-)
Rosemary Chamberlain (Project student 2016-7)

Dr Ellen Royrvik (visitor)
Dr Dasha Ausiannikava (based in Nottingham)

Former group members:

Dr Michelle Hawkins (2009-13) - now post-doc in York.
Dr Renata Retkute (2009-12) - now post-doc in Nottingham.
Dr Amy Upton (2009-11) - now post-doc in Oxford.
Sri Maddinapudi (2010-15)
Siow Cheuk Chuen (2010-11) - next: MSc Computer Science at McGill University, Canada

Our recent publications

DNA replication timing influences gene expression level.
Müller & Nieduszynski (2017)
J. Cell Biol., 216(7):1907-1914

Deep functional analysis of synII, a 770-kilobase synthetic yeast chromosome.
Shen et al. (2017)
Science, 355(6329):

Discovery of an Unconventional Centromere in Budding Yeast Redefines Evolution of Point Centromeres.
Kobayashi et al. (2015)
Curr. Biol., 25(15):2026-33

A global profile of replicative polymerase usage.
Daigaku et al. (2015)
Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol., 22(3):192-8

The dynamics of genome replication using deep sequencing.
Müller et al. (2014)
Nucleic Acids Res., 42(1):e3

Further publications