Data visualisation and download

DNA replication data visualisation at the UCSC genome browser

Our published genome-wide replication data can be readily visualised, manipulated and downloaded via the UCSC genome browser with the following links: We aim to increase the number of datasets available via these links, please contact us if there is a particular dataset that you are interested in.

Download raw data

Our published genome-wide data can be downloaded from:

Useful links

DNA Replication Origin (OriDB) databases:

DNA replication resources:

Yeast genome coordinate conversion:

Budding Yeast Resources:

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Our recent publications

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Discovery of an Unconventional Centromere in Budding Yeast Redefines Evolution of Point Centromeres.
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A global profile of replicative polymerase usage.
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The dynamics of genome replication using deep sequencing.
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Further publications